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Dimension Brass 2 Full

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Dimension Brass standard

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Vienna Dimension Brass

Muted & Epic Brass Ensembles

Introducing the newest addition to Viennas revolutionary “DimensionÁ‚” series of ensemble instrument collections. Vienna Dimension Brass II complements the original Vienna Dimension Brass I with muted ensembles and a brand new Wagner tuba ensemble.

Trumpet ensemble (4 muted trumpets in Bb) 
Horn ensemble* (4 muted French horns)
Trombone ensemble (4 muted tenor trombones)
Wagner tuba ensemble (4 players)
In addition to the three muted brass ensembles of four players each (trumpets, trombones, French horns) this Vienna Instruments Collection includes a unique ensemble of four Wagner tubas that youll scarcely find on any other library!

As with Vienna Dimension Brass I, the players of these ensembles were recorded in groups using dedicated microphones for each of the four players, resulting in a homogenous sound while still allowing direct (individual) access to each voice.

Standard Library Full Library
Sample Amount / Anzahl Samples 68.084 -
Download File Size / Dateigröße des Downloads 7,0 GB -
Installed File Size / Installierte Dateigröße 13,3 GB -

NEW: Extended Articulations

While the Standard Library includes all basic articulations, the Full Library has been expanded with a set of all-new articulations, providing even more variations, nuances and possibilities of expression. The new performance glissandos were recorded up to a tritone for the trombones and even up to an octave for the trumpets and French horns. They can be seamlessly combined with the legato performances. The new medium sustained notes are available in six dynamic layers and are not looped, providing the instruments’ all-natural decay. You may crossfade between different dynamic layers by using a continuous controller in order to get natural and seamless transitions – from a mellow tone color to an assertive, stinging brass sound and back. What’s more, we’ve added recorded crescendos and diminuendos of one, two, and three seconds length that are absolutely crucial when it comes to ultra-realistic brass performances. Last but not least, the new long portatos of approximately half a second in length fill the gap between the existing short and long sustained notes.For more details please have a look at the Sample Content menu.

Although the product works with Viennas free Vienna Instruments player (included) we recommend using Vienna Instruments PRO in order to enjoy the full benefits of these multi-dimensional samples.

Standard Library Full Library
Sample Amount 94,048 97,012
Download File Size 9.8 GB 9.8 GB
Installed File Size 18.3 GB 18.3 GB

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