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Synchron-ized package

Item No.: Vien-Synchr-Izedpackage

VSL Vienna

Synchron-ized package


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VSL Vienna

Synchron-ized package

The Collections included in this bundle were recorded at VSL’s own Silent Stage, a studio purpose-built for recording orchestral samples with a tight, controlled ambience. These are the classic Vienna Instruments Collections of the still available VI Series that were updated, re-edited and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player. They can be placed in any acoustic environment, or – with the help of the Synchron Player’s pre-configured convolution reverb and expertly created Mixer Presets – on their perfect spot on Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna. This way all instruments from the SYNCHRON-ized Package and the SYNCHRON Package share the same ambience and can be blended seamlessly. 

The SYNCHRON-ized Package includes these Collections:

SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings

SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings

SYNCHRON-ized Appassionata Strings

SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings I

SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings II

SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings III

SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Brass I

SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Brass II

SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds

SYNCHRON-ized Elements

SYNCHRON-ized Plucked Instruments

SYNCHRON-ized Special Keyboards

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