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Ultra Mini

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UVI Ultra Mini

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UVI Ultra Mini

Newly updated! UltraMini 1.5 is here, bringing with it over 200 new factory patches, a significantly optimized low-CPU mode and computer-based authorization. Two legendary analog synths with the ultimate convenience of digital—now leaner, meaner and easier to use than ever!

The Beauty of Firsts

There's something evocative and mysterious about firsts. Normal people will recall their first pet, first crush or their first kiss. That's not us. For us, that warm ethereal feeling comes from our first analog synth. There's something timeless about it. Part of it is its place in history, being the first affordable and accessible analog synthesizer. Part of it is a sonic fingerprint that resonates through over 40 years of live and recorded music. Regardless of the criteria we can only summarize by saying this instrument has made a permanent impression on us, and we're not alone.

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