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UVI Cameo

Phase distortion Suite

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UVI Cameo

Phase distortion Suite

At UVI the CZ series from Casio is a longstanding favorite. When they approached the Cameo project they wanted to do something special that not only highlights the amazing sounds of these classic synths but that offers something new to their fellow CZ aficionados.

They began with a number of fully-serviced classics, including the Casio CZ1, CZ101, CZ1000, CZ2300S, CZ3000 and CZ5000, and ended up with 3 instruments—each with a different approach, unique sonic character and inspiration.

Cameo CZ
incorporates a huge library of custom patches designed on the original hardware. An exposition of the rich diversity of timbres possible through phase distortion synthesis, sounds range from complex digital tones to thick and remarkably analog-sounding basses and leads. Cameo CZ provides an incredibly deep sample library, including variations with and without the unique Chorus effect of the flagship CZ1.

Cameo CX
is a dual-layer instrument with a large catalog of sounds and raw waveforms captured directly from the hardware instruments. A hybrid methodology implores these raw waves as the basis for sound design within a modern digital environment, resulting in a wide variety of tones covering everything from vintage-inspired to digital bliss. Explore the factory presets or design your own sounds from scratch with the raw waveforms.

Cameo CM
is UVI's own modern inspiration of the phase distortion sound. Another dual-layer instrument, but this time utilizing the Wavetable oscillator and DSP shaping tools from Falcon. Cameo CM isn't sample-based in the sense of the CZ and CX, rather it's aimed at achieving wholly new and unique sounds using the capable architecture of the UVI Engine. Explore a range of high-quality presets or design your own sounds with a full compliment of synthesis tools and built-in effects.

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