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Eastwest The Dark side

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Eastwest The Dark Side

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Eastwest The Dark Side

Created and produced by Doug Rogers (EastWest) and David Fridmann (MGMT, The Flaming Lips etc.), THE DARK SIDE is the first of its kind: an unconventional, 40

Gigabyte, hip and exciting collection of virtual instruments, some dark and eerie, and some which have been purposely—and skillfully!—mangled, distorted, or effected out of all recognition.

THE DARK SIDE provides inspiration for all composers and artists looking for something unique and different, and of course, if you work in film, TV, and game music production, this will give you an edge to separate you from your competitors.

THE DARK SIDE includes a vast, 40 Gigabyte collection, including dark and eerie instruments, and highly processed drums and percussion, basses, guitars, ethnic, keyboard, strings, and effected instruments, all organized into instrumental groups so you can create complete tracks.

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Arena Kit
Bone Crunch
Broken Circuit
Chameleon Big Room (Regular & Distorted)
Chameleon Dry (Regular & Distorted 1 &
Distorted 2)
Chameleon Morpher
Chameleon Open Mic (Regular & Distorted)
Chameleon Roomy (Regular & Distorted)
Dark Dirt
Slap Kit (24 inch & 50 inch & 106 inch)
Verb Kit Dry
Verb Kit Morpher
Verb Kit (Verb 1 – 5)
Chameleon Keyswitch C0–G#0 24
Slap Kit Keyswitch C0-D0 25
Verb Kit Keyswitch C0–F0 25


Bass Hemorrhage Sus
Bass Snatchers Legato
Bass Snatchers Slide (Up & Down)
Bass Snatchers Sus
Destroyer Bass
Distorted Attack Bass
Fuzz Bass
Mean Synth Bass
Nuclear Bass
Perc Bass
Rattly Bass
Relatively Clean Bass FX
Relatively Clean Bass Harmonics
Relatively Clean Bass Legato
Relatively Clean Bass Slide (Up & Down)
Relatively Clean Bass Sus
Slightly Dirty Bass
Slightly Dirty Bass Light
Keyswitch and Mod Wheel Cross-Fades
Fuzz_Rattly Bass MOD
Hemorrhage_Fuzz Bass MOD
Rattly_Perc Bass MOD
Bass Snatchers Keyswitch C0–D#0 25
Relatively Clean Bass Keyswitch C0–F0 25
The Dark Side Basses Keyswitch C0–A0 26


Backwards Distorted Guitar Dry
Backwards Distorted Guitar wEFX
Dirt Boy Guitar
Distorted Lead (Regular & Short)
Freak Shimmer Combo
Freak Shimmer Dry
Freak Shimmer EFX
Ghost Guitar
Guitar Orchestra
Guitars on Mars Down
Guitars on Mars Up
Guitars on Mars RR
Organic Guitar
Organic Guitar wGlissando
Relatively Clean Strings
Tunnel Lead
Tunnel Lead Clean End
Keyswitch and Mod Wheel Cross-Fades
Freak Shimmer Keyswitch C0–D0 26
The Dark Side Guitar Keyswitch C0–B0 26

Keys and Strings

Amadeus Organ
Bent Funeral Organ
Brain Damage
Broken Jaw Harp
Chorus Strings
ClockworkO PercAttack
Dist Org String Thing
Freak Show
Fuzzy Keys
Grand Dist Strings
LFO Strings
Morse Code
Psycho Shimmer Keys
Underwater Piano Short
Underwater Piano Sustain
Keyswitch and Mod Wheel Cross-Fades
Amadeus Organ_Brain Damage MOD
Amadeus Organ_Broken Jaw Harp MOD
Bent Funeral Organ_Brain Damage MOD
Bent Funeral Organ_Freak Show MOD
Broken Jaw Harp_Chaos MOD
ClockworkO PercAttack_Bent Funeral MOD
ClockworkO PercAttack_Chaos MOD
The Dark Side Keys Keyswitch C-1 – D#0 27
The Dark Side Strings Keyswitch C0–D#0 27

Ethnic and Choirs

2-Bit Choir (Regular & Wide)
Eleanor Keys
Electric Medieval
Ethnic Dulcimer
Furry Ethnic Orch
Granular (Regular & Wide)
Leslie Choir (Regular & Wide)
Old Bombay
Snake Charmer
Toxic Choir 1 (Regular & Wide)
Toxic Choir 2 (Regular & Wide)
UFO Choir (Regular & Wide)
Whirly Keys
Keyswitch and Mod Wheel Cross-Fades
Eleanor Keys_Electric Medieval MOD
Eleanor Keys_Old Bombay MOD
Eleanor Keys_Zitherland MOD
Furry Orch Guitar_Electric Medieval MOD
Granular_Leslie Choir MOD (Regular & Wide)
Granular_Toxic Choir 1 MOD (Regular & Wide)
Granular_Toxic Choir 2 MOD (Regular & Wide)
Granular_UFO Choir MOD (Regular & Wide)
Leslie_Toxic Choir 1 MOD (Regular & Wide)
Leslie_Toxic Choir 2 MOD (Regular & Wide)
Leslie_UFO Choir MOD (Regular & Wide)
Mandamadness_Ethnic Dulcimer MOD
Whirly Keys_Furry Ethnic Orchestra MOD
The Dark Side Choirs Keyswitch C-1 – F-1 (Regular & Wide) 28
The Dark Side Ethnic Keyswitch C0–A0 28

Instruments wFX

Basses wFX
Bass Hemorrhage wFX
Destroyer Bass wFX
Fuzz Bass wFX
Slightly Dirty Bass wFX
Drums wFX
Bone Crunch wFX
Broken Circuit wFX
Dark Dirt wFX
Slap Kit 24 inch wFX
Ethnic and Choirs wFX
2-Bit Choir wFX
Electric Medieval wFX
Ethnic Guitar wFX
Leslie Choir wFX
Snake Charmer wFX
UFO Choir wFX
Zitherland wFX
Guitars wFX
Distorted Lead wFX
Guitars on Mars wFX
Insanity wFX
Tunnel Lead wFX
Keys and Strings wFX
Bent Funeral Organ wFX
Brain Damage wFX
Broken Jaw Harp wFX
Chorus Strings wFX
Dist Org String Thing wFX
Freak Show wFX
Perc Tonal wFX
Super Tabla wFX

Misc & Perc

Big Broken Ben
Big Broken Ben Extreme
Bumblebee 01 Non-Tonal
Bumblebee 02 Non-Tonal
FX Madness 01–13
Horror 01 Non-Tonal
Horror 02 Non-Tonal
OC Notes ("OC" refers to the Omnichord)
OC Notes Kaoss
Perc Bells
Perc Sci-Fi
Timp Explosion
Keyswitch and Mod Wheel Cross-Fades
OC Chords Arp Keyswitch C0–E0 29
OC Chords Kaoss Keyswitch C0–E0 29
OC Chords Arp Kaoss Keyswitch C0–A0 29
The Dark Side Misc FX Keyswitch C1–B1 29
The Dark Side Perc Tonal Keyswitch C0–F0

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