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Horns of Hell

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Horns of Hell


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Horns of Hell

Horns Of Hell - The Gates Are Open!
Master the true power of the brass. Horns Of Hell covers everything from brilliant shine to the ultimate inferno - it's all down to your Modwheel. Horns Of Hell is a powerful brass, organ and percussion library with a total of 67 different articulations. It contains unique harrowing sounds like the mighty tenor horns or the devilish Evil Brass.

Horns of Hell draws its strength from:
48 powerful brass patches from a huge 20-piece brass ensemble with 28 articulations, plus all TO articulations, 5 FX and phrase patches.

15 different organ registrations, recorded from two different organs in the same church, from quiet and gentle to thundering and majestic, as well as from 3 playable organ FX patches.

Different percussion, deep strokes, tubular bells and a timpani.

Of course, Best Service highly valued MIDI export function is also included.

Made to feel!
Horns Of Hell are your tool for expressing the unspeakable. Air and metal merge into an instrument that has all emotional facets: from warm and supportive to majestic and overwhelming. From soft and shimmering to powerful and brutal. In the limit areas of sound, where most virtual instruments fail, Horns Of Hell gains even more power.

The ensemble
Horns Of Hell isn't just a brass, organ, and percussion library, it lets you control unheard articulations. It is your toolset for creating new and amazing timbres and expressing your ideas.

Experience real power
Trumpet Ensemble (3 players) French Horn Ensemble (4 players) Tenor Horn Ensemble (4 players) Trombone Ensemble (3 players) Low Brass (2 players) Evil Brass (4 players: Bass Trombone, Contrabass Trombone, Contrabass Tuba & Cimbasso).

15 organ patches, 10 manual and 5 pedal registrations. Over 500 recorded pipes!

Non Pitched Percussion (Taikos, Tom Ensemble, Gran Cassa, Tam Tam, Snare Drum, Piatti, Suspended Cymbals)

European top brass ensemble
A 20-piece brass ensemble, divided into 6 sections, played their instruments in a variety of impressively powerful techniques to enable this expressiveness in Horns Of Hell. The recordings were made in the classic recording room of Studio 22 in Budapest. All sections were taken in their traditional positions.

Endless inspiration
Horns of Hell offer you a huge amount of content:

40+ different war and battle patches

50+ individual NKI’s

85 multi-articulations

A total of 120 diverse ensemble presets

The core: the ensemble engine
Horns Of Hell is released with a revised engine from the customer-loved and critically acclaimed "The Orchestra" and introduces a revised preset browser. Browse through the huge selection of presets now with intuitive filters and categories.

The Ensemble Engine uses a number of independent arpeggiators and velocity envelopes that are heavily inspired by the Sonuscore Origins series. Create vibrant rhythms and even inspiring full arrangements from any combination of notes. All of this without relying on pre-recorded phrases - you are always in full control. It works no matter what chord or note you play. Thanks to the shortest loading times, you have uncomplicated access to a huge number of presets from a single source.

All drums and hits have been fully integrated into the Ensemble Engine, which enables completely new and intense presets.

New preset browser with intuitive filters

Independent arpeggiators and envelopes enable lively and powerful orchestral moods.

Load 5 different instruments into the slots and play them independently

Each slot can be assigned to a module

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