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Riffendium Vol 3

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Riffendium Vol 3 Ambient Guitars

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Riffendium Vol 3 Ambient Guitars

Editable Loop Library

RIFFENDIUM SERIES is a themed sample library collection for modern producers and composers.
It includes loops of real, modeled, synthesized and designed instruments, resulting in an original palette of inspiring sounds for creators of electronic and organic music.


2 Main Instruments: Main & REV

2 DI instruments to be used with third party amp simulators (DI & REV DI)  

44 Loop Styles in all Major, Minor keys and more.

Master Assignable Filter with a selections of 7 filter types.

Automatic double tracking with dedicated effect pedals chain (Main, DI)

Independent pitch control for double track guitar

Reversible slices (REV & REV DI only)

140+ Presets Snasphots

4 distortion pedals, 4 modulation pedals, 2 Bands Eq,

Independent effects pedals  for Double Track (Main & DI)

Independent effects pedals  for Reversed Track (REV & REV DI)

Stereo Widener for Main guitar Track,

Stereo Width control for Main and Double Tracked Guitars

Master Delay, Master Algorithmic and Convolution Reverb.


Step Volume.

Step Filters.

Stutter Repeater.

Host, half time and double time syncing.

Full re-ordering of slices, with randomisation and 2 parts, 8 save/recall memory slots.

Manual recording of sequence and step edit feature.

Categorised browser.

And more…

And more…
Requires NI Kontakt 5.8.1 (R43), RIFFENDIUM 2 does not work with Kontakt Player.


Requires NI Kontakt 5.8.1 (R43) or higher, RIFFENDIUM 1.01 does not work with Kontakt Player.

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