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Item No.: AS-BassysM-S

Acoustic Samples BassysM-S

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Acoustic Samples BassysM-S

Slapped Bass

The BassysM-S bass is a four strings Musicman Stingray bass with roundwound strings. The is the slapped version of the BassysM line.

Product Features

  • 1.52Gb, 2152 samples.
  • 12 Velocity layers for the sustain pop.
  • 12 Velocity layers for the sustain slap.
  • 2 round robins for pop and slaps.
  • 10 Velocities for the release.
  • Hammer on samples.
  • Slide samples.
  • String noises played randomly.
  • Harmonics, ghost notes, string hits samples.
  • Advanced UVI scripting giving you access to a simple yet powerfull interface and advanced features.
  • We provide the MIDI files of the demo songs.

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