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Acoustic Samples B5 Organ

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Acoustic Samples B5 Organ

The Hammond organs are very complex beasts, full of wires. Until now, the best renditions were synthesis, mainly because of how the organ works which is a

set of 91 frequencies that are connected via contactors under each key and which volume is controlled by the drawbars.
Sample based libraries consist of stacking drawbar samples at the same time which works, but causes a big problem, sometimes you play the same frequency twice and because of phase cancellation, you never get the same sound twice when if you press the same keys.
We have found a way to use the 91 frequencies synthesis approach, but using real samples, so we get the best of both worlds, the real recorded organ tone plus the real behavior and we keep access to the versatility of the drawbar controls and the tweakability of synthesis.

Product Features
Real Tonewheel model, sample based, around 1100 samples
Full control over the Drawbar settings
Around 200 drawbar presets that you can change while you play
Lower octave Preset keys (black keys) assignable for the Upper and Lower manuals
Sample based Vibrato and Chorus for C1, C2, C3, V1, V2 and V3
Fully customizable and accurately reproduced percussion system
Precise swell pedal volume change (based on measurements)
Real key contact modeling
Foldback (adjustable in the bass end)
All common organ mods available (foldback removal, paradise button, percussion drop fix, drawbar volume changes, stolen drawbar for percussions, recharge time, etc...)
All three keyboards, Upper manual, Lower manual and bass pedals assignable to different MIDI channels or splitted on one
String Bass system for easy legato basslines
Very accurate and customizable Rotary speaker physical model made by UVI and based on our thorough measurements
Control over the Rotary Speaker speed (chorale, brake, tremolo)
Rotary speaker type selection
Recording type selection (independant volume and miking technique for the horn and drum)
Easy MIDI controller assignment, you can setup any drawbar controller or a simple keyboard very quickly
Tube distortion, "before speaker" reverb and 3 band EQ.
Keyboard, speaker, buttons and knobs acoustic sounds to feel like you're in front of the Organ

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