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If you have questions about one of our products, a product is defective or if you are not satisfied , we want you to contact us .
The customer is our focus , so we want you to be happy when you are not, then we want to solve this with you.

Replacing devices which period of the factory and / or European regulations become defective within the warranty or repaired .

Exchanges of goods :
Exchange of goods within 8 days of receipt of the ordered . To do that you have to request an RMA number at Meershop.nl
Goods must be undamaged and in original packaging returned with the RMA number .. granted by Meershop.nl
For the returned you can either receive a credit voucher , or get the money deposited refund minus the shipping costs .
It is not possible to exchange or return software .

You can reach us by phone at:
.. 31 514 523117

Or send an email to