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WRC-1 Wifi Stage Router

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WRC-1 Wifi Stage Router

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WRC-1 Wifi Stage Router

WRC-1 is an advanced rack-mountable wireless router, designed specifically for pro audio applications such as on-stage IEM control.

The WRC-1 router is ideal for use with the Waves MyMon in-ear monitor mixing app, as well as other audio setups that require secure and robust WiFi connectivity.

To serve the unique needs of live sound engineers, stage productions and other live audio and AV environments, WRC-1 offers unique benefits that go beyond standard router features: rack-mountable design, made specifically for audio equipment racks; rugged and robust industrial build; and stronger RF distribution to secure dependable, steady communication.

WRC-1 comes with basic router management software to control the most common features required by users. In addition, an advanced set of router configuration features is accessible by installing a free advanced firmware package.

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WRC-1 Features & Benefits In-Depth

WRC-1 Feature Benefits
Rugged 19” rack-mount metal chassis (1U) WRC-1 is designed specifically to mount in audio equipment racks. Other routers require the user to design and build a custom tray or enclosure in order to have a “portable” unit that withstands the demands of a pro audio / live sound environment.
Front panel mount antennas with SMA connectors WRC-1 is designed to be used while securely mounted in the equipment rack. SMA connectors allow the user to remove and store the antennas when the rack door is closed.
Pro-Grade lockable RJ45 ports WRC-1 WAN port and one LAN port use professional RJ45 sockets with Neutrik latch-lock connectors to keep critical LAN cables secure during an event.
Integrated USB hub The 5-port USB hub provides convenient and practical capabilities. The USB ports can be used to charge external devices such as mobile phones and tablet PCs. If you install the advanced firmware, the ports can be used to connect USB-enabled mass storage devices to make music tracks or images available on the network (for the advanced firmware option, scroll all the way down this page).
Internal universal power supply WRC-1 is built for use in an audio rack or road case, and includes an internal universal power supply with a standard IEC power cable, unlike traditional wireless LAN routers that use a “wall wart” external power supply that is not intended for portable racks.
DLNA player with balanced XLR outputs The integrated DLNA player functionality allows wireless playback of audio from mobile devices to dedicated balanced analog output ports on the WRC-1 back-panel. For example, when connected to a mixer, the DLNA player provides a simple and efficient way for a band member to easily stream a music file from their mobile phone directly to the mixing console (which could in turn route to the monitor mixes or PA).
Wireless Access Point functionality WRC-1 can be deployed as the central wireless access point for the live sound wi-fi network providing robust connectivity between the digital mixer and related apps on mobile devices. Bi-directional data includes the ability to transfer data from the wireless mobile apps to the wired mixer, as well as functional status and indicators from the digital mixer to the mobile app.
Simultaneous dual-band operation The 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi networks on the WRC-1 operate independently and do not interfere with data processing for each network. Unique network names and passwords can be set individually for each network to further restrict Wi-Fi device access.
Advanced MIMO technology WRC-1 network architecture uses advanced multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) technology to deliver higher data throughput and a greater range concurrently. WRC-1 also supports the DHCP and Static IP protocols for broadband operation. The advanced firmware also supports the PPPoE protocol.
Browser-based configuration WRC-1 is configured via an easy-to-use web-based HTML Administrator Tool. The configuration tool can be accessed using a standard browser on a computer or laptop connected directly to a network port on the WRC-1.

WRC-1 Basic vs. Advanced Firmware

WRC-1 includes router management software to quickly set the WiFi password and configure network settings such as the system IP address. These features are the most common changes needed by customers and are fully supported by Waves.

An advanced set of router configuration features is accessible by installing an advanced firmware package on the WRC-1. The advanced features include router capabilities such as QoS and NAT settings, advanced firewall settings, guest Wi-Fi settings, and other features that are not typically required in live sound installations. Please note that Waves provides this advanced firmware for you install, but does not offer official support for the advanced firmware.

Download Advanced Firmware

Download Basics Firmware

How to upgrade Waves WRC-1 to advanced firmware

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