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S1 Stereo Imager

Item No.: V5-S1N40

S1 Stereo Enhancer

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Waves S1 Stereo Imager

Ideal for stereo tracks as well as full mixes, the S1 is a unique and powerful set of tools that uses psycho-acoustic spatial imaging techniques to enhance and alter stereo separation.
  • Shuffler, Imager, and MS Matrix components


Waves S1 Stereo Enhancer


  • 3 Components: Shuffler, Imager, and MS Matrix
  • Left/Right and MS io modes and metering
  • Double precision bit resolution processing
  • Up to 24bit 192kHz resolution
  • Stereo component only
  • PC and Mac compatible


    Gain -24dB to 0dB

    Width 0.0 to 3.0

    Shuffle 1.0 to 3.0

    Frequency350Hz to 1400Hz

    Input ModeM/S or L/R

    Left/Right Phase +/-

    Input Channel Swap

    Bass Trim-3dB to +3dB

    Asymmetry-90° to +90°

    Rotation-45° to +45°

    Output Mode MS or L/R

    Output Meter-24dB to 0dB with peak hold and clip indicators

    Stereo Image GraphGraphic control over all image parameters

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