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Waves Redd

London's Abbey Road Studios were at the epicenter of a seismic shift that rocked the world of music during the 1960s, and changed the course of popular culture forever. The Beatles, The Hollies, Pink Floyd and countless other luminaries made musical history at Abbey Road Studios, trailblazing a revolution that resonates to this day.

And at the heart of it all: The REDD consoles, custom-designed, built by and named for Abbey Road Studios' in-house Record Engineering Development Department. Renowned for their silky smooth EQ curves, extraordinary warmth and lush stereo imagery, there’s something magical about the REDDs that sound like no other consoles.

Waves meticulously recreated the color, character and tonal complexity of the original desks: The REDD.17 which still belongs to Abbey Road Studios, and the REDD.37 console now owned by Lenny Kravitz. The result is an impressive pair of plugins that deliver the dimension, depth and richness of these console classics.


Waves Redd Abbey Road


  • Based on the legendary REDD.17, REDD.37 and REDD.51 consoles
  • Delivers the classic British sound of the 1960s
  • Continuous EQ controls
  • Developed in association with Abbey Road Studios


  • Amp Typedetermines the type of amplifier.(REDD .37-.51 only)
  • Channel Selectdetermines the channel configuration.
  • Bass Liftcontrols the 9 dB low shelf that compensates for low frequency loss caused by using condenser microphones in a Figure 8 configuration.
  • EQ Selecttoggles between Classic and Pop EQ types. The Classic treble EQ features a shelf boost or cut at 10 kHz; Pop EQ is a peak boost centered around 5 kHz, with a shelf cut centered at 10 kHz. Both Pop and Classic settings feature a continuous 10 dB of boost or cut at 100 Hz.(REDD .37-.51 only)
  • Tone Highcontrols high shelf equalization.
  • Tone Lowcontrols low shelf equalization.
  • Monitorcontrols the source of the monitor output.
  • Spreadselects stereo processing mode.(Stereo component only)
  • Drivecontrols the amount of drive added to the signal. Lower values result in a cleaner sound; higher values result in a more distorted sound.
  • Analogcontrols the level of modeled noise and the hum.
  • Outputcontrols the output level of the signal.
  • VU Metersdisplay output VU readings.

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