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Linear Phase EQ

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Linear Phase EQ

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Waves Linear Phase EQ

Conceived and created with mastering in mind, Linear Phase EQ preserves your original musical balance while providing precision control over the harmonic spectrum with absolutely zero phase shift.

  • Equalizer plugin for mastering
  • Five user-definable bands of EQ with linear phase crossovers
  • Lowband and broadband components
  • Ideal for acoustic instruments, stereo sources, transient-heavy tracks, and mastering
  • Nine linear phase filter types


Waves Linear Phase EQ


  • 2 Plugin Components: Lowband component and Broadband component
  • Nine linear phase filter types
  • Five bands of paragraphic equalization, plus dedicated low frequency band
  • +/- 30 dB per band gain change range
  • Double precision bit resolution processing
  • Up to 24bit 96kHz resolution (TDM 24/96 Accel mono only)
  • Mono and Stereo components
  • Supports TDM, RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU
  • PC and Mac compatible


Gain -30dB to +30dB per band


  • Low Frequency Band 
    10Hz to 600Hz (Lowband) 
    21Hz to 1,000Hz (Broadband)
  • Mid and High Frequency Bands 
    32Hz to 600Hz (Lowband) 
    258Hz to 21,963Hz (Broadband)

Filter Type

  • LowbandBell, Resonant Low Shelf, V-Slope Low Shelf, Resonant High Shelf, V-Slope High Shelf
  • Broadband Low FrequencyBell, Low Shelf, High Shelf, Low Pass, and High Pass
  • Broadband Mid and High FrequencyBell, Resonant Low Shelf, V-Slope Low Shelf, Resonant High Shelf, V-Slope High Shelf, Resonant High Pass, V-Slope High Pass, Resonant Low Pass and V-Slope Low Pass


  • Lowband0.26 to 6.5
  • Broadband Low Frequency0.60 to 2
  • Broadband Mid and High Frequency0.26 to 6.5

On/Off Per Band

Output Gain Fader-30dB to 0dB

Output Meter-30dB to 0dB with peak hold and clip indicators

Trim Output gain adjustment

Dither On/Off

Graph Scale 12dB or 30dB

Frequency Band Markers Graphic control over Frequency and Gain

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