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Waves Doubler

When professional engineers need superior double-tracking effects, they turn to Doubler. Using delay and pitch modulation, Doubler delivers extraordinary richness and texture on vocals and polyphonic instruments as well as full mixes.
  • Double-tracking / chorus plugin
  • Add shimmer and presence
  • Create the ‘80s harmonizer and pitch detune effects
  • Double vocal parts automatically
  • Add flam-like effects to drums

Waves Doubler


  • 2 Plugin Components: Two-Voice and Four-Voice
  • Up to 24bit 192kHz resolution (TDM 24/96 2-Voice M and M-to-S only)
  • Mono, Mono-to-Stereo and Stereo components
  • Supports TDM, RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU
  • PC and Mac compatible


Gain -48dB to 0dB per voice and for the direct signal

Pan -45° to +45° per voice and for the direct signal

AlignDelays the direct signal according to the latency of the voices

FB High Pass Filter16Hz to 21,357Hz

Range20Hz or 80Hz detune frequency boundary

Modulation ResetResets Rate and Depth values

Delay 0ms to 100ms per voice

Feedback0% to 100% per voice

OctaveOn/Off (Shifts the voice one octave down)

Detune-100 to +100 cent

Depth-200 to +200 cent

Rate0.1Hz to 400H

Low Shelf Filter-88dB to +12dB, 16Hz to 21,357Hz

High Shelf Filter-88dB to +12dB, 16Hz to 21,357Hz

Output Gain Fader-24dB to 0dB

Output Meters-30dB to 0dB, with peak hold and clip indicators

In 1 - 3 L, L+R, L-R. Input signal for voices 1 and 3

In 2 - 4 R, R+L, R-L. Input signal for voices 2 and 4

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