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CLA Drums

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CLA Drums

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Waves CLA Drums

Chris Lord-Alge on CLA Drums: “One of my favorite activities is to work on drums. When creating the CLA Drums plugin, I had one thing in mind: Anyone who uses it can get a great drum sound for any song and any mix and just have fun! There are six different modes: Kick, Snare, Toms, Overheads, Room and, of course, my favorite, Cowbell. There are three color-coded presets for bass EQ, treble EQ, compression, and reverb, plus a noise gate so you can even get rid of leakage. The faders let you control the amount of each effect and, especially important for drums, we’ve included a phase switch so you can find the best setting for the kit.”

  • All-in-one multi-effect drum plugin
  • Created in collaboration with Grammy®-winning mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge
  • CLA's radio-ready rock sound – instantly!


Waves CLA Drums



  • Complete all-in-one processing chains
  • Mono-to-stereo and stereo components
  • Optimized control ranges
  • 24bit/96kHz resolution
  • Supports RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU
  • PC and Mac compatible


  • Drum Modetoggles between the six drum/mic’ing types: Kick, Snare, Toms, Cowbell (cymbals, hi-hats & bells), Over Heads, Room
  • Input Sensitivity is used to achieve optimal plugin input level.
  • Input Meterdisplays input signal peak level.
  • Balanceadjusts the offset between left and right signals.(Stereo component only)
  • Sensitivity LED indicates the presence of proper levels.
  • Phase Switchengages input phase reversal.
  • Bass controls low frequency gain.
  • Bass Colortoggles between low frequency filters.
  • Treblecontrols high frequency gain.
  • Treble Colortoggles between high frequency filters.
  • Compresscontrols the dynamics range.
  • Compress Color toggles different compression characters.
  • Reverbcontrols the reverb wet mix.
  • Reverb Colortoggles between reverb environments.
  • Gate controls the gate threshold.(Not available in Cowbell mode)
  • Gate Colortoggles between gating shapes. (Not available in Cowbell mode)
  • Delay controls the delay wet mix. (Cowbell mode only)
  • Delay Colortoggles delay times and character.(Cowbell mode only)
  • Outputcontrols the output level.
  • Output Meterdisplays output signal peak level.
  • Clip LEDs light up when levels exceed 0 dBFS.

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