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Bass Rider

Bass rider 

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Waves Bass Rider

Bass Rider is an innovative, easy-to-use plugin that rides bass levels automatically. A companion to our popular Vocal Rider plugin, Bass Rider delivers perfect bass levels, without changing the natural sound of your bass

. Optimized especially for the frequency range and envelope characteristics of bass instruments, Bass Rider covers all the basses: DI, amplified, acoustic, synth, upright—you name it. 

  • Automatic level riding plugin
  • Optimized for bass instruments
  • Retains the natural character of the bass
  • Dedicated studio and live components


Waves Bass Rider

  • Target Energy Metershows the energy of the input signal.
  • Target Slidersets the desired bass level range and calibrates the Rider Fader “0” position.
  • Sensitivitycontrols the note detector sensitivity.
  • Responsecontrols the note detector response.
  • Spillcontrols the amount of spill that the detector should ignore.
  • Artifactscontrols the note detector’s tolerance to artifacts.
  • Max Rangesets the upper boundary of the Rider Fader movement.
  • Min Rangesets the lower boundary of the Rider Fader movement.
  • Rider Faderis Bass Rider’s automatic fader control.
  • Outputtrims the bass output gain, post-auto riding.
  • Idle Arrowsets the Rider Fader value when there is no bass activity.
  • Effective Rangedisplays the total gain range available for automatic riding.


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