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SuperRack Soundgrid

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SuperRack Soundgrid

Discover the next generation of live plugin processing. Run plugins in real time, customize your workspace with floating windows, set extended-scope snapshots, and run any live show with more speed and confidence than ever before.

Designed from the ground up and optimized for speedy operation, SuperRack is a cutting-edge plugin rack that lets live sound and broadcast engineers run up to 128 audio channels through multiple instances of Waves’ plugins, with near-zero latency. SuperRack offers endless customization options that make it easy for you to tailor the application to your very own mixing workflow.

SuperRack operates in a SoundGrid Audio-over-Ethernet network, processing audio on a dedicated SoundGrid DSP server. This moves plugin processing from the host computer to an external DSP server, to significantly increase plugin count, minimize latency, and enable the host and I/O devices to be far apart from each other, accommodating the most complex setups.

SuperRack is a natural extension of your mixing console. Designed for quick setup time, flexible touch-friendly workspace, and unlimited workflow customization, it enables FOH, monitor, broadcast, and AV engineers to run any show with confidence.

View and control multiple plugin instances simultaneously
Multitouch-friendly graphic interface
Expand your workspace to up to four monitors
Easily tweak small plugin parameters with a ‘Touch & Slide’ fader
Quickly access up to 12 plugins per snapshot via the Hot Plugins panel
Map application and plugin controls to MIDI & computer keyboard for quick hands-on access
Switch inputs and outputs while maintaining processing chains
Adjust multiple racks simultaneously with the ‘Linking’ functionShare SoundGrid I/Os in a network to build complex setups
Selectively recall snapshots via scope filter
Comprehensive device and network monitoring
Advanced latency alignment management
Host mirroring (DiGiCo) and DSP server redundancy

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