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eMo F2 Filter

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eMo F2 filter

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eMo F2 filter

eMo F2 is an 18-dB high-pass/low-pass filter optimized for live performances. Whether used separately or as part of the eMotion LV1 mixing console, eMo F2 gives live engineers uncompromising sound quality, super-low CPU consumption, zero latency, multi-touch compatibility, and smooth filters without noise or artifacts.

In stereo mode, the right and left sides can be filtered independently or linked. Whether used in a DAW, in the eMotion LV1 mixer or in other Waves hosts, eMo F2’s simplified design, large GUI and transparent sound make it an effective filtering tool for both live and studio environments.

  • 2-band high-pass/low-pass filter: 18 dB per octave
  • Independent filters for the left and right stereo sides
  • Big GUI that is easy to view and operate
  • Multi-touch compatibility
  • Zero latency
  • Super-low CPU consumption
  • Smooth filters free of noise and artifacts

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