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​Waves Update Plan

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Wup Waves Update Plan

Do you want to update your Waves Plugins and applications then you've come to the right place at Meershop.

It goes like this; you go to the Waves update page, click  here and log in with the user name and password that you use at Waves. You check the Plugins that you want to update, or all of them. You will now see a blue button with Renew Update plan on the right, with Buying from your local dealer underneath, click this.

You will now see a blue button with Send code at the bottom center. You will now receive a code from Waves in your mailbox.

When you have a Waves WUP code from the Waves site, click on the Request a Quote button on top of this page fill in your email adres and leave the code. We use this code to see which products you want to update and make a good price for your Waves Update Plan so that you are assured of the newest Waves engine and plugins that are compatible with the newest operation. systems and more.

Oh yes, nice side effect,

The money that you spend on a Waves Update Plan will be returned to you in the form of a discount. You receive a voucher with which you can get discounts on Waves products up to the amount that you have spent on your Waves Update Plan
(You can not combine 2 Waves vouchers for a purchase)

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