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Tape, Tubes & Transistors

Eddie Kramer Tape, Tubes & Transistors 

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Waves Eddie Kramer Tape, Tubes & Transistors

Developed in association with Eddie Kramer, Tape, Tubes & Transistors features three meticulously-modeled vintage plugins: Kramer Master Tape, HLS Channel, and PIE Compressor. Together, they recreate Eddie’s golden audio chain, which he used to record musical icons like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles. Now, the legendary sound of London's Olympic Studios can be yours—with Tape, Tubes & Transistors.

Three meticulously-modeled plugins
Recreates the golden recording chain used by Eddie Kramer at London's Olympic Studios
Includes Kramer Master Tape, HLS Channel and PIE Compressor


Waves Eddie Kramer Tapes Tubes & Transistors


Waves Kramer HLS Channel
Waves Kramer Master Tape
Waves Kramer PIE Compressor

Over the course of a production and engineering career that has spanned more than four decades, Eddie Kramer was the man behind the board for the biggest names in music history. His work with Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Kiss brought forth music which continues to influence rock musicians and producers to this day. In modeling the Helios console channel, the Pye compressor, and the rare vintage 1/4" reel-to-reel machine, Waves has recreated three essential elements of the recording chain at Olympic Studios, where Eddie participated in so many historic recordings which are now considered part of the classic rock DNA. Eddie Kramer, the Kramer Master Tape, the HLS Channel, and the PIE Compressor: Together, they truly capture the spirits of a generation.

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