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Vocal Production

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Vocal Production


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Vocal Production

Get the best-sounding tools to produce your vocal tracks. Tune, pitch-shift, bend, synthesize, fix, mix and add effects to achieve your best vocal sounds, with the same plugins used to produce artists from Beyoncé to Drake to Billie Eilish.

The Vocal Production suite includes 15 of the music industry’s most popular vocal plugins, to help you produce and mix studio-quality vocals that sound modern, professional, creative and polished:

  • Waves Tune Real-Time for real-time creative vocal tuning

  • OVox Vocal ReSynthesis, the next-generation voice-controlled synth and vocal FX plugin

  • Vocal Bender for that pitch-shifted Travis Scott-style vocal sound

  • Vocal Rider for keeping your vocal levels perfect – automatically

  • R-Voxthe classic vocal compressor, used on every Beyoncé vocal and hailed by Drake producer Noah “40” Shebib as “one of the most important vocal plugins ever created”

  • Waves Tune for maximum-control, surgical-precision vocal pitch correction

  • SibilanceRenaissance DeEsser and DeBreath for cleaning your vocals, by quickly removing those unwanted vocal breaths and harsh “s” sounds

  • Doubler for classic vocal doubling and backing vocal enhancement

  • 5 more classic reverb, delay, EQ and compression plugins to complete your pro-quality vocal production and mixing abilities

Whether it’s hip hop, rock, pop or R&B, the vocal is the most important part of your productions. Give it the sound it deserves with the Waves Vocal Production suite.

Complete content of this bundle:
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Waves Tune Real-Time 
OVox Vocal ReSynthesis 
Vocal Bender 
Vocal Rider 
Waves Tune 
Renaissance DeEsser 
Renaissance AXX
Renaissance Channel
Waves Tune LT


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