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Tract System Calibration + Smaart DI V2

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Waves Tract System Calibration & Smaart DI V2

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Waves Tract System Calibration & Smaart DI V2

Click here for the single plugin Tract System calibration

Get any sound system balanced and ready for mixing, quickly and easily. This bundle includes the TRACT plugin and Rational Acoustics’ Smaart Di v2 audio analysis software: the essential tools you need to accurately EQ and time-align your sound system.

Since all sound systems behave differently in each environment, we need to calibrate our system before mixing; in a live setting, this is known as tuning the PA. However, access to a venue’s system processors is often limited and there’s limited time before sound check. On these occasions especially, TRACT will be invaluable.

The TRACT plugin calculates a corrective FIR EQ curve and time alignment corrections to calibrate your system, using data measured by Smaart Di v2 or Smaart v8. The plugin lets you take and merge up to 8 measurement snapshots of your system, create a reference curve as the basis for EQ corrections, and quickly generate a corrective FIR EQ curve. Once the FIR EQ is created, you can manipulate its frequency and amplitude ranges, as well as supplement it with 8 bands of IIR EQ filters.

This bundle also includes Rational Acoustics’ industry-standard Smaart Di v2 audio analysis software. Smaart Di v2 features a dual-channel iteration of Smaart’s trusted Spectrum and Transfer Function engines, relied upon by audio professionals around the world.

TRACT’s minimal phase FIR component runs at very low latency and with low phase distortion, and includes a linear-phase FIR component. You can use it live with any console (via Waves MultiRack), with the eMotion LV1 live mixer, or you can run it within any major DAW.

With TRACT and Smaart Di v2, you can quickly get any sound system to sound its best, providing a well-balanced foundation for happy mixing.

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