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Live Bundle

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Waves Live Bundle

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Waves Live Bundle

50 live sound plugins that will help you recreate the excitement of studio mixes – live on stage. Includes precision tools for EQ, reverb, dynamics and more.

From live sound essentials like equalization, compression, delay and reverb, to diverse tools for gating, limiting, de-essing and doubling; from precision plugins designed specifically for vocal processing, to faithful plugin models of vintage hardware gear – the Live bundle gives you what you need to create live mixes that are both pristine and powerful.

50 audio plugins for mixing live sound
Includes state-of-the-art EQs, compressors, reverbs, delays, gates, limiters, vintage hardware models and more
All the processing power you need to bring studio sound to the stage
All plugins also included in Pro Show 

Click for the complete content here (Waves site)

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