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Diamond-Impact bundle

Item No.: Wav-DiamImp

Soundgrid Connect Combo

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Soundgrid Connect Combo

Supercharge your mixes with SoundGrid-powered plugins: Run as many plugins as you need in your sessions, using the audio interface you already have.

The SoundGrid Impact server included in this bundle is a compact audio processing unit dedicated to running your plugins. By offloading processing tasks from your computer to the server, you can run more plugins in your mixes without being limited by your computer’s CPU.

Thanks to SoundGrid Connect – part of the server’s accompanying software – you can make practically any audio interface* ‘speak’ SoundGrid – so you do not have to change your existing setup in order to make your sessions SoundGrid-powered.

Also included is the Diamond plugin bundle, with 65 industry-standard plugins covering dynamics, EQ, reverb, delay, spatial imaging, pitch correction and more.

  • SoundGrid-powered plugins for mixing, mastering & music production
  • Power your plugins by offloading them to the SoundGrid Impact-server (6th-gen. Intel processor, 4 GB RAM)
  • Use with any audio interface with an ASIO/Core Audio driver*

* Compatible with any ASIO/Core Audio driver supporting multi-client operation and 44.1–96 kHz.

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