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P&M Granulizer

Granular Processing Plug-in

Granulizer is an out of this world effect that will give you some unique results that can only be achieved with granular processing.

This special granular delay effect splits incoming sounds into small grains and then transforms and mixes them up.

This plug-in can give you dark, disturbing sounds as well as strange hi-pitched tones.

Product Features
MIX : Dry/Wet control.
GRAINS RATE : Controls grains repetition speed
GRAINS DENSITY : Duration control for the grains. The higher duration the more overlapping grains generated, increasing sound density
GRAINS FEEDBACK : Controls amount of the output signal fed back to the input
GRAINS LOWPASS : Lowpass filter cutoff control, which inserted into the feedback path. Simulates spectral loss in the feedback path
TUNE PITCH : Grains transposition control. Range -12, …, +12 semitones
TUNE RND PITCH : Controls amount of random transposition added to each grain


OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows Windows
Formats : AAX NativeAudio-UnitRTASVST

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