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Electro optical

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Electro Optical

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P&M Electro Optical

Two Channel Electro-Optical Compressor/Limiter

This is a two channel electro-optical compressor/limiter designed for the utmost in transparency, detail and versatility.

The plug-in's soft-knee design offers smooth, effortless dynamic control with the ratio adjustable from light compression to brickwall limiting. The Response knob adjusts the compressor's attack while the release is set automatically.

Adjust the Input Gain to increase the amount of compression and Output Gain to increase the overall level. The Selector Buttons choose the frequency to activate the internal sidechain features.

Product Features
Input Gain : Increases the amount of signal sent to the compressor.
Response : Determines the speed at which the compressor reacts to the incoming signal.
Output Gain : Increases the level of output for the compressor.
Soft Knee : Smooths out dynamic control.
Selector buttons : Choose between Off, 100 or 200 Hz to activate the internal frequency sidechain.


OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows Windows
Formats : AAX NativeAudio-UnitRTASVST

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