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Analog Echo Box

Nomad Factory is proud to introduce Echoes, a new Analog Echo Box plug-in designed to give you the warmth and richness of classic vintage delay effects.

Following the philosophy behind Nomad Factory's hit Magnetic plug-in, Echoes not only sounds amazing, but it is designed to be very easy to use.

Nomad Factory’s Echoes features 5 classic analog delay effects all in one plug-in:

PLX-1: Based on Maestro® Echoplex 1, the original Tube-based tape delay effect
PLX-3: Based on Maestro® Echoplex 3, a transistor-based tape echo
OILCAN: Based on Tel Ray® Echo, a tapeless Oilcan delay/echo
EHX-DM: Based on Electro Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man, the most in-demand analog delay pedal ever built
ADM-2: Based on Boss® DM-2, an analog delay pedal from the early 80's
Product Features
ECHO TIME : Controls the time from 20 to 2000ms of analog delay.
PANNING : Center position for stereo pan, left or right causes ping pong effect.
ECHO MODE : Choose from 5 classic analog delay effects.
REPEATS : Controls the feedback amount of the delay effect.
MIX : Controls the balance of the wet /dry signal.
EXTRA KNOBS : 3 additional preset knobs that change according to the currently selected mode. PLX-1 : Wow & Flutter, Drive and Echo Level, PLX-3 : Bass, Treble and Echo Level, EHX-DM : Mod Speed, Mod Depth and Echo Level, OILCAN : Tone, Variation and Echo Level, ADM-2 : Bass, Treble and Echo Level
SYNC SWITCH : Sync your delays to your song's master tempo.
VINTAGE SWITCH : Give your delays that vintage analog sound by filtering the repeats.
STEREO WIDENER : Increases the width of the delay. Lowest setting is true mono.
INPUT : Sets the input level of Echoes.
OUTPUT : Sets the output level of Echoes.
POWER bypasses the entire unit.


OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows Windows
Formats : AAX NativeAudio-UnitRTASVST

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