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Blue Tubes Equalizer PEQ2B

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Blue Tubes Equalizer PEQ2B

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Blue Tubes Equalizer PEQ2B

Original Classic 60's Equalizer

The BT Equalizer PEQ2B recreates the sound of the classic 60s EQ. The interaction of the passive boosting and attenuating shelving eqs has been designed to bring back the life and musicality lost in the recording. The incredibly musical character of the BT Equalizer PEQ2B is the perfect choice when a truly vintage EQ sound is what your music requires. The PEQ2B is the equalizer of choice for final musical touches.

Product Features
Low Frequency control (CPS): from 20Hz to 140 Hz
Low Frequency Boost control : Shelf Boost, 0dB to +15dB
Low Frequency Attenuate control: Shelf Atten. 0dB to -18dB
High Frequency Bandwidth control: Sharp to Broad
High Frequency control (KCS): from 4kHz to 16kHz
High Frequency Boost control: Peak Boost, 0dB to +18dB
High Frequency Shelf Attenuate control: 5kHz, 10kHz and 20kHz
High Frequency Attenuate control: Shelf Attenuate, 0dB to -18dB
Ouput level control (Trim)
Peak-Limiter control
Easy-to-use vintage interface
Full Automation for all parameters PC and Mac OS X


OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows Windows
Formats : AAX NativeAudio-UnitRTASVST

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