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AVA Mastering EQ

AVA Mastering EQ

Item No.: Harris-AVA MastEQ

Harrison Consoles 

AVA Mastering EQ

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Harrison Consoles 

AVA Mastering EQ

Control Your Final Mix Balance

Harrison Consoles - the developers of Mixbus and Mixbus32C DAWs, ultra-high-end mixing consoles, and associated high-performance DSP plug-ins - created the AVA Mastering EQ. Now you can add some “Harrison Mixbus magic” to your workflow, regardless of which DAW you use.

Everyone needs a mastering EQ. As the final step of the production chain, the mastering EQ provides a chance to tweak the tone of the mix after you’ve established a relative balance for the individual instruments. The AVA Mastering EQ features a revolutionary filter shape that is explicitly designed for mastering your tracks.

Unlike a conventional EQ, when adjacent bands of the AVA Mastering EQ are adjusted, the response is "flat" between the band edges. This preserves the relative harmonic balance of the instruments in your mix while adjusting the overall tonality. The AVA Mastering EQ is optimized for small, wide-bandwidth adjustments.

Controlling the AVA Mastering EQ is easy and intuitive: just click and drag your mouse to draw the EQ shape that you need. Managing a powerful, full-range EQ has never been so fast and easy. The results are quintessentially "Harrison": effortless, smooth and transparent.

The AVA-ME has 31 control bands ranging from 20hz to 20kHz and increasing by 1/3 octave increments. By default, the scale shows +/-4dB, but if you increase a band beyond 4dB, the scale will increase to show the changes up to +/-14 dB.

Product Features
31 control bands, high pass filter, low pass filter, adjustable filter order, level trim, and momentary bypass controls.
Innovative DSP curve match allows a "flat top" across adjacent band boost/cuts, and preserves the harmonic balance between instruments.
Ultra fidelity equalizer is based on Harrison's XTools. Developed for Harrison's renowned digital consoles.
EQ graph published to the Pro Tools "inline" EQ Curve (requires Pro Tools 2018).


OSX 10.6 or higher  Windows 7 or higher


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