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Pure DCompressor V3

Flux Pure DCompressor V3 AAX DSP

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Flux Pure DCompressor V3 AAX DSP

Restoring Lost Dynamics

Pure DCompressor v3 provide the tools for restoring the original dynamics of the audio material. 

The dynamics processing algorithms are designed to automatically increase the peak dynamics, in order to provide full control of the dynamics and revert your signal to a more natural condition, even on an extremely compressed audio material.

In addition to the more common dynamics processing controls (ratio, attack, release, etc), Pure DCompressor v3 provide control over the essential dynamics profile it uses, all in order to offer the user full control over the processing even in the most demanding situations.

Two parameters are provided that are kind of unique to dynamics processing; Dynamics Ratio and Level Independent Detection (L.I.D), using the dynamic range content of the signal and not just the signal levels as standard processors do.

Product Features
Input/Output gain controls for adjusting the levels before and after processing.
Phase invert of the processed signal.
Dry Mix control (Dry/Wet with gain compensation) allowing for parallel processing or for blending some of the original peak into the processed signal.
Clipper, a discrete peak limiter at the very last stage of the processing chain rounding off the peaks smooth and musically.
Bypass routes the incoming signal direct to the output for a true smooth transition between processed and clean signal.

iLok required


OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows Windows
Formats : AAX NativeAAX DSPAudio-UnitVST

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