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Pure Analyzer metering option

Pure Analyzer metering option

Item No.: FL-PAM-O
Flux sound & picture development

Flux Pure Analyzer metering option

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Flux Pure Analyzer metering option

The Complete Metering Solution

The Pure Analyzer Metering provides an extensive set of measurement tools well adapted for Broadcast and Post Production facilities, presenting the metering tools for a vast range of standards such as True Peak, RMS, ITU-1770, EBU-R128 (PLOUD), history and more.

The actual analysis is then performed using a computer with a graphic card supporting OpenGL/DirectX. The system could also be coupled with a wireless transmitter to route a source test signal to the laptop to perform transfer curve measurements at different locations more conveniently.

Pure Analyzer Metering is not a full product, in order to run this, the Pure Analyzer Essential is required!

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OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows Windows
Formats : Standalone Application

Product Features
All meters are fully customizable and configurable to conform to existing and future standards and recommendations
ITU-R BS.1770 True Peak Default and user presets
can show K-System, VU Meter, DIN, PPM Nordic, PPM BBC, PPM EBU, Dolby Dialogue IntelligenceTM
With Dialogue Intelligence enabled the display of Loudness values compensates to make sure meter readings are consistent.
Real-time metering history
Loudness: Momentary, Short, Integrated and Range
True Peak incident list with customizable threshold
Export to text
Offline metering statistics
Offline file-processing
Multi-files support (with automatic channel type detection from file name)
Up to 16 channels
Peak: min, mean, max
True Peak: min, mean, max
Rms (PPM): min, mean, max
Loudness: Momentary, Short, Integrated and Range
True Peak incident list with customizable threshold

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