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ML:1 missing link

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Sonible ML1: Missing link

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Sonible ML1: Missing link

plug & play audio

The ml:1 is a platform independent USB DI offering audio playback via USB, automatic detection of the interface, direct analog volume control by most operating systems and other features are available without any driver installation.

USB -> analog outputs
We have implemented a real plug & play USB chip with CD quality D/A conversion. To ensure high quality sound reproduction via the two balanced XLR analog outputs, the USB power supply is effectivly filtered and buffered. As the power consumption of the ml:1 is very low, it can even be used during battery operation.

USB -> digital output
The AES/EBU (AES3 110Ohm, S/PDIF compatible) output is implemented by a high quality signal transformer and a powerful line driver, allowing for long cable runs and high impedance tolerances of all connectors and cables.

passive stereo DI

Low distortion signal transformers are used for electrical isolation and balancing. The two balanced XLR analog outputs therefore guarantee a 100% hum-free signal, no matter if the input signal is supplied via USB or the two analog inputs.

easy line check

Testing the lines with no suitable sound-source available? No problem with the ml:1! A mutlitone provided by a stand-alone test tone generator allows for a reasonable sound check even without a working USB connection or phantom power.

Neutrik® connectors

A unique lockable Neutrik® USB receptacle ensures a safe connection between the ml:1 and the host computer. The corresponding lockable Neutrik® USB cable is included free of charge with every ml:1!

The lockable Neutrik® USB connector provided by the ml:1 is a unique feature for live situations as and is going to save you from countless potential heart attacks at the FOH. Also all other connectors of the ml:1 are high quality Neutrik® components and ensure a reliable electrical connection even after many mating cycles.

functional design

The low-reflective powder coating of the rugged ml:1 enclosure makes it almost invisible, even in bright stage light. Besides, all connectors of the ml:1 are carried out at one side, allowing for clean cabling on stage and convenient rack mounting and a slip resistant floor plate assures a secure standing on all surfaces.


Size    183x93x40mm
Weight    ~1000g
Power Supply    ≤ 40mA USB bus powered (only needed for USB audio)
Connectors    1x USB (lockable Neutrik receptacle)
2x Jack (analog in)
2x XLR analog out
1x XLR AES/EBU digital out (S/PDIFcompatible)
Output level    0dBFS equals -18dBu
Ground lift    yes
Pad    0dB/-18dB
Sample rate    44.1kHz, 48kHz
Sample word length    16bit
SNR    96dB
Test Tone Generator
Waveform    harmonic multitone
Amplitude    -22dBu

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